Intended Parents


Midwest Surrogacy LLC works to find you the perfect surrogate to match your requested specifications.  We want you to be comfortable with the woman who will be carrying your child.  Our goal is to ensure you have the best experience possible by removing all financial discussions with your surrogate so you can simply develop and enjoy this intimate relationship you will share.

We keep our agency fees low so you keep money in your pocket and receive a better compensated Gestational Surrogate.

Services We Offer

  • Intended Parent and Gestational Surrogate  matching.
  • Legal Services.
  • Escrow Services.
  • Facilitation of entire surrogacy process from your first inquiry until six months after you take your baby home.
  • Help attaining Gestational Surrogate Medical insurance for women who have no insurance or have a surrogacy exclusion.
  • Medical and Psychological Screening for you and your Gestational Surrogate.

How It Works


Get informed.  We will schedule a meeting to get to know each other.  You will have the opportunity to ask us questions, and in the end, we want you to leave the meeting knowing you have all the information you need to understand the surrogacy process and begin your journey with Midwest Surrogacy.


Retain our services. Once you have decided to work with Midwest Surrogacy, we will request that you sign and return our Retainer Agreement along with a small retainer deposit for using our services.


Prepping for Surrogate.  At this point you will have the opportunity to establish relationships with an IVF clinic, legal team, and financial lenders to ensure all the critical pieces are in place before a surrogate is matched with you.


Create a profile and find a Gestational Carrier. You will be sent a form to fill out that will be shown to potential gestational carriers.  This profile will help the gestational carrier decide if you are the right match for her.  You will also see the profile of potential gestational carriers.  Once you both like each other’s profile, we will schedule an in person or virtual meeting where you will be able to visit with your potential gestational carrier more in depth.  If you both still want to work together, you will have a surrogate match!


Legal. You and your gestational carrier will work with our legal team and sign a contract that will protect both the Intended Parents and Gestational Carrier.  Legal clearance is required before moving on.  At this time the match fee will need to be sent to Midwest Surrogacy for establishing a surrogate match.


Medical. You and your Gestational Carrier will have appointments with the IVF clinic to ensure that everyone is healthy and ready to move forward.  Often during this same appointment, psychological evaluations take place.  Medical clearance is required before moving on.  It is common for Legal and Medical to occur concurrently.


Embryo transfer. We are finally ready for the egg donor (if applicable) and gestational carrier to begin IVF medications and prep for the embryo transfer.  The embryo transfer will take place at the IVF clinic.  You will also be required to fully fund the Client Account prior to the start of IVF medications.


You are pregnant. Your surrogate will take a pregnancy test a couple weeks after the transfer to determine if she is pregnant.  If she is, Congratulations! She will remain under the supervision of the IVF doctor for approximately 8-11 weeks and then transfer to her own OB for the remainder of the pregnancy.  If she is not pregnant, you will have the opportunity to decide if you want to attempt another embryo transfer cycle.


Congratulations!  After waiting for what will seem like an eternity, your child will be born.  You will be a parent, and after the baby is released from the hospital you will take the baby home with you!


Your journey is complete.  Approximately six months after your child is born when all bills have been paid, any remaining funds from your Client Account will be returned to you.

Ready to get started?

Estimated Surrogacy Expenses

Many factors determine the overall cost of surrogacy. The information below is provided to assist in your planning and does not constitute a contract. Except for our agency fees, these are estimates and can change at any time without notice. Your surrogacy arrangement may cost more or less depending on your personal circumstances.


Gestational Carrier fees are held in an escrow account and include:

1st Time: $35,000
2nd Time: $40,000
3rd Time: $45,000
4th Time: $50,000
5th Time: $55,000

Base compensation starts at $35,000 for first time Gestational Carrier and increases by $5,000 for every successful surrogate pregnancy she completes. Payments are broken up and paid monthly throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Payments begin after 1 st successful fetal heartbeat ultrasound.

Multiple Birth (As Applicable, Per Child): $5000
Paid for each additional fetus. Payments begin after 1st successful fetal heartbeat ultrasound.

Monthly Expense Allowance: $100/Month
Unaccountable monthly allowance to be used for expenses such as Prenatal vitamins, travel less than 25 miles round trip, lawn care/snow removal.

Maternity Clothing Allowance: $750 for singleton $1000 for twins
Dispersed at 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Housekeeping Allowance: up to $1500
$100/wk for up to 4 weeks after embryo transfer, 8 weeks prior to anticipated delivery, and 3 weeks following delivery. Receipts required.

Childcare: $Variable
Negotiated reimbursement for childcare outside of care already received. Receipts required.

Transfer Fee (Per Complete Transfer): $750
$450 at the start of medications (not including birth control) and $300 after embryo transfer takes place.

Mock Cycle Fee (As Applicable): $250

Dropped Cycle Fee (As Applicable): $500

Amniocentesis or CVS (As Applicable): $500

Fetal Reduction, Abortion/Termination and D&C (As Applicable): $1000

Hysteroscopy (As Applicable): $500

Ectopic Pregnancy: $500

Cesarean Section (As Required By OB): $2500
Not applicable if determined necessary prior to pregnancy

Loss Of:
Tube – $2500
Ovary – $1000
Uterus – $5000

Restriction Of Activities / Bed Rest: $Variable
Based on Gestational Carrier’s salary

Life Insurance for Gestational Carrier ($250,000 Benefit): Actual Cost
Beneficiaries to be named by the Gestational Carrier

Life Insurance for Intended Parents ($250,000 Benefit) (OPTIONAL): Actual Cost
Beneficiaries to be named by the Intended Parents

Maternity Health Insurance (Employer and/or specialized maternity policies): Actual Cost

Newborn Insurance: $25,000-$50,000
Typically only considered by International Intended Parents

Gestational Carrier + Companion Travel:
Travel costs associated with Match Meeting, Medical/Psychological Appointments, Embryo Transfer, Birth, and/or Court Appearances to ensure Intended Parents are made legal parents of the child.
Includes: Round trip economy airfare: Actual Cost
Rental Car: Actual Cost
Hotel: less than $300/night (Receipt Required)
Food: $100/day/person (No Receipt Required)
Tolls/Parking: Actual Cost (No Receipt Required if under $10)

Surrogate Lost Wages: $Variable (Gross Pay – Taxes)
Covers time off from work due to surrogate pregnancy including doctor’s appointments, bedrest as required by OB physician, delivery & recovery. Actual amount will depend on surrogate’s wages.

Spouse Lost Wages: $Variable (Gross Pay – Taxes)
Covers time away from work due to surrogate pregnancy including medical & psychological screenings, companion required medical appointments, and birth of child.

Breastmilk + Breast pump (OPTIONAL): $250/week + variable additional costs
All packaging, shipping, etc costs to be covered by Intended Parents.

(Revised 04/2020)
* This is a summary and some stipulations apply.


New Domestic Clients (IVF Surrogacy):
Retainer Deposit: $10,700.00
Match: $4,300.00

New International Clients (IVF Surrogacy):
Retainer Deposit: $11,700.00
Match: $4,300.00

Returning Domestic Clients (IVF Surrogacy, Same GS):
Retainer Deposit: $10,000.00

Returning Domestic Clients (IVF Surrogacy, New GS):
Retainer Deposit: $10,000.00

Returning International Clients (IVF Surrogacy, Same GS):
Retainer Deposit: $11,000.00

Returning international Clients (IVF Surrogacy, New GS):
Retainer Deposit: $11,000.00

(Revised: 6/2019)


Installment Schedule

For new clients the Retainer Deposit Fee (highlighted above) includes your initial retainer fee and $700 to cover screening costs and is due upon Execution of Client Retainer Agreement. Returning clients are not required to pay $700 for screening costs and this is reflected in the Retainer Deposit Fee (highlighted above).

Match Fee is due upon Execution of Gestational Carrier Agreement.


How Fee Is to be Paid

Retainer Deposit and Match fees, as applicable to Client, shall be paid by Client directly to Midwest Surrogacy, LLC.



The figures below are for budgeting purposes only.  The clinic you choose to work with will provide you with a detailed financial estimate for your specific situation.


Female costs to create embryos via IVF cycle. (Includes estimated medication costs)


Frozen Donor Eggs


Male Testing Costs


Medical Costs for Carrier


Prescription Medication for Carrier


Additional Embryo Testing



We can recommend attorneys well versed in drafting contracts for you and your Gestational Carrier.  Intended Parents are responsible for their attorney fees, as well as those of the Gestational Carrier.


Intended Parents Legal Counsel (For contract drafting/review & contract negotiations, parentage proceedings, etc.):

$1,500 – $3,500

Gestational Carrier Legal Counsel (For contract drafting/review & contract negotiations, parentage proceedings, etc.):

$1,500 – $3,500

Legal Fees Total (estimated):

$3,000 – $7,000

Intended Parents: Application

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