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Intended Parents

Midwest Surrogacy LLC works to find you the perfect surrogate to match your requested specifications.


You are an amazing woman for wanting to carry a child for someone else.  It’s an incredible gift you will be giving someone—the gift of life.

Midwest Surrogacy LLC is a Fargo/Moorhead based agency used to match people who want to become parents with the kind-hearted women who are willing to carry the pregnancy for them.

We provide one-on-one attention to each person we work with to ensure you always feel  important and valued.

Our Mission is to Help People become Parents  through Gestational Surrogacy.


 About Us

Midwest Surrogacy LLC is owned and operated by its Founder, Meredith Feia.  Having been a gestational carrier before, she understands the surrogacy process and will be able to help guide the Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates through their journey together.

Meredith’s higher education includes a Graduate degree in Public, Human Service, and Health Administration from Minnesota State University, Moorhead and an under Graduate degree in Health Service Administration.

Midwest Surrogacy LLC only works with a small number of clients each year to ensure that you get one on one attention throughout your entire journey.  We keep the agency small to ensure operational costs stay low.  This allows the agency to charge the lowest fees in the US.

Meredith Feia – Midwest Surrogacy Founder

Midwest Surrogacy went above and beyond all my expectations. They provided one on one attention throughout the entire process which allowed me to always feel prepared for every step along the way. Meredith was open, direct, and honest; three things I appreciate very much. Knowing the screening process for both Intended Parents and Gestational Carrier is so stringent provided me with comfort in knowing all parties are ready to pursue this journey together. I am so proud to be a part of this extraordinary process!

C.H., Gestational Carrier

Searching for a surrogacy agency was daunting. One of the first agency’s we contacted was Midwest Surrogacy. Meredith was quick to respond to our enquiry and set up a time for a very informational conference call. In a couple of months we finally made our decision to go all in and signed up with Midwest Surrogacy. Their rates were reasonable and Meredith already had a potential carrier match for us. The roller coaster ride began and, believe us, it is one! Meredith was with us through every step of the journey. Her experience is invaluable. She is professional, efficient, trustworthy, always quick to respond and personable. But, the very best part of our journey was the results. Our beautiful, now 9 month old, baby boy!!

D&R, Intended Parents

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have or to receive more information about the services we provide.  You can contact Midwest Surrogacy LLC © by email, phone, or mail.